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2010-02-04 18:05:19 by Nommas

I accidentally uploaded the wrong movie with a similar name. One was 1000 frames. The other one was 1 frame. Guess which one I uploaded and got banned for. Well, only 15 days I guess so I could really get some animations done and then upload them later. Thanks for viewing my page, Bye!


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2010-02-04 18:46:14

Maybe if you contact a moderator ( - click on 'Moderators' at the top) and explain your problem they might let you off. It's worth a try.

Nommas responds:

Thanks dude. I'll try it. If it doesn't work then look on the bright side, I have more time to commit to my animations and I can add more detail without temptation of uploading them. Thanks for the help!


2010-02-04 20:57:47

Don't whine about getting your flash banned, it's pointless.

Nommas responds:

It's not that it was banned but the fact that it was the wrong movie and there was no way to remove it before I got banned that annoys me.